Who we are


 Dawn Kirenli - Founding Member & Former Director 

Dawn formed BAPN in 2011 and had an integral role in its development up to autumn 2018, after which, she handed over the reins to our current Managing Director, Tricia Pritchard.  


Dawn is a full-time nanny and mum. 


BAPN continues to benefit from Dawn’s expertise and passion, she has extensive experience as a nanny in the UK and abroad and is a valued ‘Practitioner Advisor’ to the BAPN Team.


Dawn keeps a watchful eye on the development of BAPN making sure the association she created follows the professional path of integrity and accountability she started back in 2011. 


As BAPN’s Senior Membership Ambassador, Lizzie is part of our Membership Services Team. The team is responsible for providing the strategy to define and deliver value and a consistently high-quality membership experience for all BAPN members. Lizzie provides valued  support and outreach for our members.

She serves as a liaison between members and the Managing Director. She strives to strengthen the connection with our members and to create a welcoming member environment. 


Lizzie is a highly trained professional nanny with a wealth of experience.  She has worked as a nanny for many years at home and abroad and we are privileged to have her onboard.  Lizzie is assisted by fellow experienced nanny and Membership Ambassador, Pauline Daniel and both are more than happy to share experiences and to advise members through informative posts and blogs. 


Lizzie can be contacted via email lizzie@bapn.org.uk 

Liona heads up our Membership Services Team and also supports our Managing Director in coordinating BAPN's marketing strategy. 


An accomplished professional, Liona is responsible for developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating our communications strategy in order to support our objectives and maximise positive membership support. 


Liona works closely with our Managing Director on initiatives to increase member benefits, maintain recruitment and retention, while ensuring consistency of association messaging. 


A key part of Liona’s role is membership liaison and this requires her to work across all areas of the association’s work.

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The Children's Society is a national charity that works with the country's most vulnerable children and young people. They support thousands of children from a range of backgrounds, providing them with the help and resources they need to overcome situations in their lives.

BAPN is committed to supporting The Children's Society.  Our members are encouraged to participate in a number of charitable events throughout the year raising valuable funds, making a difference.