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Who am I? Hi, my name is Tara Russo and I am very grateful to Tricia for giving me the opportunity to write a bit about myself and what I do for the BAPN Blog.

What do I do? I have a company called

Wellbeing for Kids UK. I offer adults training in how to teach children and young people mindfulness and meditation. I also work directly with children and young people, connecting them to confidence via these powerful skills. Mindfulness and meditation help youngsters to feel happier, to manage their behaviour and so to feel empowered, to be more resilient, more focused and to help them cope with the stresses and strains of modern life.

A bit of background….a few years ago, when my younger daughter was in year 6, she

had two crippling panic attacks. These were very scary and distressing for her to experience and for me, my husband and her older sister to witness. As luck would have it, also at that time, I came across a review of a book called Calm Kids by Lorraine E. Murray. It spoke about how meditation can help children and how to create meditations with children in mind. I used some of the exercises with my younger daughter and she immediately felt the benefit. Then I discovered that Lorraine offered courses for which I signed up immediately, eventually becoming a professional Connected Kids™ tutor. To my delight Lorraine invited me to undertake further study in order to become a Connected Kids™ trainer, meaning I was qualified to train adults.

So, how can I help nannies? I run Foundation Level Connected Kids™ training courses in Nottingham. This course comprises a one day workshop plus you receive a copy of Calm Kids by Lorraine E. Murray (148 pages), access to extra online resources and an invitation to join the very supportive Facebook group, which has a wealth of experience to share. The course teaches you what mindfulness meditation is, the benefits of meditation for children, what stress is, particularly for children, and how to create unscripted meditations that connect with the children with whom you work and/or those within your family.

The standard fee of the one day workshop is £199 but I am happy to offer members of the BAPN a discount of 10% against the standard fee, which would currently make the fee £180. In order to qualify for this you would need to quote your BAPN membership number along with the Discount Code found in your members only area of the BAPN Website. As I write this I have just learnt I have qualified to train adults to become professional Connected Kids™ tutors, whereby you can be insured to teach children professionally, as in be paid for your services. Details of Wellbeing for Kids UK’s Professional Level Connected Kids™ courses to follow.

A sample of comments from my adult trainees following my Foundation Level Connected Kids™ workshops…

"What an amazing experience! Tara was inspirational!""I would recommend this course for the experience of learning in the small group""I was surprised at how different delivering to children can be""I would recommend this course to individuals wanting a more in-depth awareness of meditation""Tara was a delight to listen to. Very easy to be open and honest with""The benefits (of this course) are life-changing for many people”

A sample of what some parents had to say after their children had followed my course.

“X is growing in confidence, which was really boosted by your sessions. He ran his own stall at the school Christmas fair, he did a quiz (adults were coming away saying how hard it was!). He was beaming from ear to ear after as it took quite a bit of courage, he got quite anxious before but he was determined to do it!” (X has ASD and can get quite anxious about new things.)

“My son had 6 1-2-1 sessions with Tara. He has ADHD and struggles with relaxation and occasionally sleeping, emotional outbursts, keeping still, and anxiety. Tara has given him practical, easy to use strategies to help him manage his emotions. Some have been those to use at home, but also simple strategies for school.” (I found it rewarding to see this young man go from being able to be still and meditate from about 4 minutes to about 15 minutes by the end of the course.)

“Learning tools to manage emotions. The instant difference in my child. Watching Tara interact with my child and learning from her. Knowing that negative emotions are OK, we are not perfect but we need to know how to manage them/cope. Having an empowered child which then empowers me to know I CAN ALSO COPE and use these tools for myself.” (A very happy mum whose daughter had been suffering from stress, anxiety and anger issues.)

Here are some of the benefits of meditation and mindfulness for children and young people.

Both meditation and mindfulness:

improve focus and attention promote a better quality of sleep. boost physical health promote self-regulation of manage impulsivity encourage build self-esteem build resilience help children with special needs e.g. ASD, ADHD to make sense of the world around them and give them tools to make their lives easier.

All that remains for me to say for the moment is a huge thank you to you for reading my blog. If you would like to know more about what I do please have a look at my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/wellbeingforkidsuk/ and my website www.wellbeingforkidsuk.com. If you would like to get in touch with me I would be delighted to hear from you. My email address is tr@wellbeingforkidsuk.com.



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