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We work to introduce mindfulness to young children and help make BIG feelings child size because we believe that whilst we cannot predict the future for our children, we can equip them with the tools they need to be able to SHINE through any storms that they may face. We want children to SHINE, feeling: Secure, Healthy, Independent, Nurtured and Empowered!

Our ethos is all about working together for a brighter future!

Our Program

Our forward-thinking program introduces mindfulness to young children and helps make BIG feelings child size! Children learn from a young age that feelings are a normal part of everyday life and everyone has them. With help from our ‘Feelings Family,” children soon become secure in their feelings and the feelings of others through understanding that we all have a beautiful rainbow of feelings inside and that every feeling is OK.

Our ethos is working together for a brighter future and so our program is available to anyone and everyone who cares for a child.

The program consists of 4 phases:

Phase one is Identifying and labelling feelings

Children learn how to recognise and label their feelings as well as being able to recognise feelings in other people, building empathy.

Phase two is putting feelings into context

Children will begin to think about why we might feel the way that we do. We support children to understand that whilst everyone has feelings, we may not always feel the same way about something. Feelings are something that happen within and whatever you feel or someone else feels is important because all of our feelings matter.

Phase three is managing feelings and incorporating mindfulness

Children learn what they can do when they experience a feeling. Sometimes children may feel quiet, shy, sad or tired and that’s just how they are feeling. Just like us adults, children can experience a range of emotions every day and some feelings simply need acknowledging, accepting and left to be.

Phase 4 is the link between feelings and behaviour

Children begin to learn that how we feel can affect how we behave and vice versa. We teach children that as well as our inner rainbow we also have an outer rainbow. “When we shine our rainbow glows.” and so if we feel good on the inside, it shines on the outside and when we make positive behaviour choices it feels good inside. We encourage children to think about positive things that we can all do to be kind to ourselves and each other.

Children will have fun learning through fun engaging activities with our feelings family and singing our catchy songs.

Rainbow of Feelings Cards

This colourful pack contains 58 cards including 2 instruction cards and 8 sets of 7 brightly coloured character cards.

Each character represents a different feeling: happy, angry, worried, poorly, scared, tired and sad and is a different colour of the rainbow. Children learn that we all have a beautiful rainbow of feelings inside, that there are no bad feelings and every feeling is ok. The cards offer a wonderful resource to encourage children to talk about their feelings and the feelings of others, in a fun and non-judgemental way.

The cards can be used for a game of snap, memory, in small group sessions or as a family, the possibilities really are endless!

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