We will get through this!

The last few months have been challenging and for many nannies, it’s been particularly tough. We’re aware many have willingly worked through lockdown and local restrictions, and others not so willingly. Some have been furloughed, some have resigned, some have been unfairly dismissed, some have been made redundant, and a lucky few have not been impacted at all, and here we are potentially on the verge of round 2!

During difficult times we generally look to our friends and family for support, but COVID-19 is making our usual contact with others really hard and so we need to look for alternative support mechanisms to get us through and that’s hopefully where BAPN comes in.

At BAPN we see ourselves as more than a Nanny Membership Association, we work in support of all nannies UK wide and where we can offer a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, we most certainly will. We won’t ever turn you away just because you are not a member!

  • We will continue to post updated government guidance on our social media platforms and where there isn’t clarity we will seek clarification for you.

  • We will liaise with leaders in the sector and share with you their initiatives in support of nannies and their employers, and

  • We will keep you up-to-date with our work here at BAPN so that you can be assured nannies are being listened to, heard, and fought for.

It’s times like these we need each other.

For many in the childcare and early years sector, this year has been an unbelievably stressful one. However, in among the uncertainty and mayhem that has ensued, we’ve been made aware of some fantastic supportive local initiatives set up by nannies - nannies going that extra mile to keep themselves and their families safe, while at the same time managing to fully support their employers, enabling them to go about their daily lives. Nannies really have come into their own these last few months and we couldn’t be more proud to be a small part of the nanny sector.

BAPN has felt the need for support too and we owe a huge debt of gratitude to the many nanny agencies we work alongside, nanny payroll providers, insurers, and other membership associations, all of whom have been willing to work with us, share information, advice and guidance, all to enable us to support our members better. In many cases, we have supported each other more than ever before, through Zoom, Facebook, and WhatsApp groups. No one has been precious to keep to themselves the information they manage to get hold of first, everyone has been willing to share and as a result, we’ve strengthened many existing relationships and forged new working relationships with others. It’s so much better when we all work together.

We hope you have felt supported by our collective efforts.

Whatever happens in the coming days, weeks, and months, it’s likely many nannies will feel anxious and worried about their future employment prospects. The Chancellor is making announcements as I write with regards a successor to the furlough scheme as the government bids to avert a winter jobs crisis following tougher restrictions to combat coronavirus.

BAPN will continue lobbying government on behalf of the nanny workforce, we will do our utmost to raise your professional profile. Obviously, the more nannies who join us, the stronger we become. BAPN membership offers far more than employment advice and signposting. Our list of member benefits is growing by the day and covers not just training, healthcare, insurance, and other work-related benefits, we offer amazing shopping discounts, eye care, dental care, savings on holidays, huge savings on beauty, hair, personal care, and affordable luxury goods. Any two of our fabulous member discounts will provide a saving enough to cover your membership subscription.

Take a look at BAPN, we’re here to help you be the best nanny you can be and, in the meantime, take good care, stay safe and keep yourself informed.

We will get through this.


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