The Army of Nannies Diversity Reading Room is OPEN

Hello, my name’s Matt, and I am the founder of Army of Nannies (AoN) and also the sponsor of AoN’s Diversity Reading Room.

The Diversity Reading Room is an online space that showcases a collection of children’s books that celebrate diversity, and you can find it with this link.

Please take a look and browse the shelves, or review the guest recommendations. If you like the look of a book, click on the cover to read more and purchase with Waterstones.

Or, just click on the cat on the mat – it purrs!

What’s the purpose of the Reading Room To help nannies and families find children’s books that embrace diversity. I think it’s crucial that all children not only see themselves in the books they read but also see a reflection of the world around them. Whether that’s ethnicity and culture differences, or ability, family dynamics and beyond - normalising perceived difference, from a young age, can only be a good thing – right? And there’s also a critical guardian support role here; if an adult needs to explain something to a child, a book can provide an immersive but subtle segway into a subject. The book becomes the vehicle to stimulate conversation and understanding. So, we’ve developed a place with our reading room, to showcase the books families and nannies have found entertaining, engaging but, most importantly, diversity embracing. Why did you launch the Diversity Reading Room? One of Army of Nannies' very first blog post (back in June) was titled,Only By Our Actions Will We Make WE ARE ALL EQUAL a Reality.’ The blog post sets out five principles to guide our approach to the nanny sector; it’s very much about representing the under-represented, giving them a voice, and providing networks of support. Our Reading Room helps us live our principles. And we very much intend to keep growing and enhancing this resource. What gave you the idea? I try to avoid bandwagoning the Black Lives Matter movement, but it was very much the trigger for this idea. The events we all witnessed from March in the US, UK, and across the world were a shocking reminder that we have a way to go when it comes to equality – and on the most basic of frons. How does a book get on the shelves?

We invite our community of families and nannies to share, on our social channels, the books they have found most helpful. All books list have to have an element of diversity embedded within their core narrative. But, and this is important, they still have to engage and entertain. If you have a book to recommend, we’d love to hear from you. Please look us up on either Facebook or Instagram (@armyofnannies) and comment with your recommendation to a Reading Room post.

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Army of Nannies is the relatively new kids on the nanny finding block.If you have any questions or thoughts on our approach to the sector, please do get in touch.

My e-mail address is

But most importantly, recommend a diversity embracing book for the Reading Room.


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