Pre-Paid Card for Nannies

Nannies, how does your employer reimburse you to cover the inevitable day-to-day expenses?

It’s a good idea if parents factor in the cost of a weekly kitty to cover child-related expenses such as activities and any shopping needed. How best to organise payment though, particularly for unexpected expenses?

Cash is one option but often not the easiest to organise or control, and during Covid, many shops are reluctant to take cash for handling reasons. Nannies can ‘pay and reclaim’ if necessary, though leaving them out of pocket for a period of time is not ideal. Lending a credit or debit card is a possibility but that’s not a comfortable situation for anyone.

A good new payment option for nanny employers:

Prepaid cards seem to be a suitable option because they do not allow credit and spend can only be to the limit of the money that is loaded on the card.

There’s one that particularly fits the bill, Carercard for Nannies from a company called Hestian.

Carercard is a Mastercard prepaid card and has been designed for care, as a safe and easy way for nannies and carers to pay for shopping and additional expenses. The employer loads funds onto the card and top up on a planned basis.

Parents control spending and can track the card balance and all payments online at any time, on the Carercard portal. Nannies are no longer out of pocket or having to save receipts!

At the moment, to help during COVID, employers and their nannies can try Carercard for three months subscription FREE and see the benefits for themselves. Then, if you love it and we think you will, the nanny employer can continue using it by paying a small monthly subscription of £7 or stop.

If you’re interested, find out more from the Carercard website or call on 0800 808 5491.

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