Never be afraid, do what you want, do it on a whim!!

So, you now want to look after your own children……….

I’m sure we all like to think we’re irreplaceable but at some point, it’s going to happen. That little chat they ask for and before you know it, you’re redundant and nine times out of ten there will be tears, yours and probably theirs.

Now there’s laughter and sometimes it’s just mine inwardly held in, but me and the children have been teaching mum our special high-5/fist bump routine which is even funnier as the children are only 3.5 years and almost 2 years.

G3 is getting cross with me for telling mum she can put her trainers on by herself and I’m sure B2 is glad I’ve let her know that he walks very well holding hands and doesn’t always need to be in the pushchair.

However, I’m not letting her know all my ‘tricks of the trade’ she’ll learn in her own mum way. My way was certainly not the best way it was just my way. But no doubt the text messages of funny tales or “I’m pulling my hair out” will come because back to those nine times out of ten, they normally do.

On a whim….

This is what most people have said about me over the last few years but hey, life’s too short!

I’ve said it before and will say it again (and probably again and again), I love being a nanny, but it’s never stopped me thinking what else or what next?

Four years ago whilst I was having these thoughts, I found higher education whilst Googling for ideas. I found a degree in Early Childhood Development and, learning that I could do it on a Saturday, before I knew it, I’d applied for not only that but student finance as well. Several weeks later I was walking through the doors of university.

Those three years felt like forever but actually I learned so much and mostly about me - tolerance and confidence. I won’t go into detail on that one, but I already had childcare qualifications and in the years in between my studying nothing had really changed, I just now have a 2:1 degree!!

Since graduating I have completed so many courses and it’s only been a year. My passion to learn more has really ignited something in me - all childcare related. I’ve met so many people which has given me the confidence to put myself out there which is how I met the lovely Tricia from BAPN at the Childcare Expo.

Never be afraid, do what you want, do it on a whim!!

Community volunteering

On one of my courses, being bilingual in fact, I got chatting to the teacher, mostly her questioning my choice to self fund courses whilst being a nanny. Anyway, we talked about my possible what next and her suggestion of volunteering came up - contacting local children’s centres and seeing what may come of it. So here I am again, on a whim, I was emailing the volunteer coordinator at my local centre and an interview was set up.

A few weeks later after completing training, I am a Children’s Services Volunteer at Toddler Time and I love it. So different to nannying where I can say I possibly work for the privileged, then to one morning a week playing with children from completely different backgrounds. Helping parents where English maybe there 3rd or 4th language and have arrived in this country from war torn countries. The biggest thing to learn is we’re all the same, we all need a friend sometimes and a safe place to go, even nannies!

I’ve also learned how much I have missed working as a team, having coffee after the session, discussing how today went, having adult company.

So, now nanny redundancy has come out of nowhere, am I even going to look for another nanny job?

Breaking out of my comfort zone. Eeeekkkkk

With 5 days to go I’m starting to feel like I’m a teenager moving onto high school. I have tummy ache, I feel sick and I just don’t want to go. Yes. After 20+ years I’m stepping back into nursery.

I didn’t actually want the interview to start with but then I walked in I felt at ease. I really liked the place, so different to the nursery I worked in way back when. Interview was with the Manager and Deputy who were lovely, but I felt I talked too much, garbled maybe. Previous interviews had always been in someone’s house, complete with a cup of coffee. Now I was having to remember professional ways of explaining what I knew. Actually thinking back as I write this, I am professional and I did know it all, it was just the environment that threw me - that change and out of my comfort zone. Anyway, a stay and play session later, a shake of hands and I’m out of there. I really liked them but had no idea what to think other than to wait and see.

24 hours later the phone rings to offer me the job, with the days I want and an increase in the pay offered due to my experience.

So here I am waiting with nerves. Wish me luck….

Angie, BAPN member.


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