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BAPN was approached recently by a member with a query about OFSTED inspections, she was due to have her first inspection and had been told she would need to provide written policies about safeguarding and complaints. The nanny had read online that nannies did not in fact need to provide these written policies so was reaching out to us for clarification. Even when we believe we know the answer, we ALWAYS err on the side of caution and, where possible, contact the relevant department – just in case anything has changed since we last checked. This particular query was dealt with by our Membership Ambassador Pauline Daniel who writes:

I was of the opinion that we didn’t need these written policies so scoured the GOV.UK website and couldn’t find a definitive answer, so I phoned the Osfted helpline. When I finally got through to a real person (a whole other discussion) the lady was extremely helpful and explained that we didn’t need written policies but must be aware of safeguarding issues and emailed me the link to the relevant section which I forwarded on to the nanny.

I asked our member to update me once the inspection was completed which she did:

“I’ve had my inspection. My inspector was very friendly. I was asked child protection questions, first aid questions, and when to contact Ofsted. I was also asked about FGM and equal opportunities, working with different cultures etc. My inspection lasted about 25 minutes. I showed my child protection flowcharts I printed ages ago from the local council website so wasn’t asked for any written policies.

Again thank you so much for your help”

Another member also had an inspection recently - via video call, and this is her feedback:

“They mainly asked about child protection and where/who I would contact - my local county council and NSPCC for example. They also asked a lot about what I needed to update OFSTED on, like change of address/name/job, food poisoning, accidental injury and death etc. They did not ask for a safeguarding policy but checked that I had a contract. They asked a bit about discipline, so I showed some of my sticker charts I’ve done and talked about managing feelings which we’ve been working on here! They also checked that discipline was written into my contract. They asked about race, religion, and disabilities. I’ve got experience working in a special school so that kind of covered that. I had to show a photo ID which thankfully I had to hand. That was about it really. It was only about 25 minutes long in the end because I sent all my paperwork off to her beforehand!”

Have any nannies had a similar experience of OFSTED inspections or alternatively, a very different experience? We’d love to hear your feedback.

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