Nannies in Ireland - The Tax Perspective

10 stats that illustrate the cultural shift needed to bring Irish nannies out of the shadows

By Jenny Diamond,

The changes in the tax employment law coming to Ireland this year should boost the recognition of nannies as a formal profession in Ireland and bring with it improvements to the pay and conditions of nannies. However, there are significant steps that still need to be taken including introducing a formal registration system for nannies and rolling out the Affordable Childcare scheme to include nannies before nannies in Ireland reach the same status as their international counterparts.

  • 65,000 Irish families use a nanny as their choice of childcare.

  • 0 is the number of nannies who are registered with authorities and subject to inspection. There is no formal registration or representation for nannies, no inspection regime and no mandatory qualifications or police checks required.

  • €9.80 per hour is the Irish minimum wage, but nannies can frequently find themselves in low paid, cash-in-hand jobs with long, unreliable hours.

  • 3 significant changes are happening in the industry this year.

  • 20% is the standard tax rate in Ireland. PAYE modernisation was introduced in January 2019 bringing in real time reporting for all employees who pay income tax on a pay as you earn basis.

  • 1 – the number of dedicated nanny payroll agencies in Ireland. is making it easier than ever for nanny employers to provide their nannies with proper payroll, payslips each time they are paid and to pay employer PRSI (equivalent to UK’s National Insurance) on their behalf. This gives nannies more security, better employment rights and access to social security benefits should anything go wrong.

  • 12 - the number of months an employer could go to prison (and face a hefty fine) for non-compliance with new employment law introduced on 4th March 2019. The law has improved the rights of nannies regarding their contracts, with zero hours contracts no longer allowed.

  • 5 days – the amount of written notice required of the employer for key contract terms before a nanny commences employment.

  • 60 days – the amount of time full contract terms must be in place before a nanny commences employment.

  • €20 per week – the amount of universal subsidy Irish families who employ a nanny are missing out on. Despite the large number of families using nannies, Ireland’s new universal subsidy scheme, Affordable Childcare, which is due to be fully implemented by November 2019, will NOT apply to nannies.


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