Must-see new TV Show: Toddlers Behaving (Very) Badly

Toddlers’ tantrums are notoriously hard to manage and it’s a ticking time bomb. If bad behaviour is not nipped in the bud before kids reach school age it’s hard to reverse.

In a brand new 3 x 60 mins series – Toddlers Behaving (Very) Badly, childcare expert and private nanny Laura Amies, travels around the country helping desperate families struggling with extremely badly behaved toddlers, vowing to tackle any issue from tantrums to biting, picky eaters, non-sleepers, and potty training woes.

Each episode will feature three different families experiencing behavioural issues with their toddlers. Laura will meet the children and the parents and observe their behaviour and any surrounding issues. She will then implement her intervention and give the family advice and techniques to help transform their behaviour.

BAPN caught up with Laura this week and she told us a little more:

“I’ve been a professional nanny for 12 years and before that worked in nurseries and schools etc for 5/6 years. I’ve also studied Childcare Learning and Development, Child Psychology, Children’s Counselling and Children’s Mental Health.

When I was approached to make the program based on my knowledge and experience with children and their behaviours I felt honoured and excited in equal measure.

I visit the families with a camera crew and attempt to help them achieve a little more harmony, I don’t become their nanny or take over any childcare duties. My role is a supportive one. I explain to the parents why certain behaviours have developed and then go on to explain how best to positively affect their behaviours moving forward.

I found the whole experience incredibly challenging in terms of suddenly being under the spotlight! That was the hardest part to be honest.

I love my work and have full confidence in my knowledge and experience but put a camera in the room and there’s an instant pressure. I worked through it though and thoroughly enjoyed the experience as I hope the families did too.

I was given an opportunity to help change people’s day to day lives, so I grabbed it with both hands and now we get to see the outcome!

I’ll mostly be watching from behind a cushion, but I do hope to inspire other childcare providers as well as parents too!”

Well done Laura, BAPN will be watching the series.


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