Meet the Nursery World Nanny of the Year Finalists 2020

We are delighted to introduce you to the judges chosen finalists for the 2020 Nursery World Nanny of the Year Award. This year has been an extremely difficult year for everyone and we were delighted to learn that so many nannies have been recognised by their employers, nanny agencies, fellow nannies, and friends. To be nominated and reach the final of the Nursery World Awards, the most prestigious awards in the childcare and early years calendar really is an amazing achievement and BAPN congratulates each and every one of them:

Holly Chaberka

"I’m Holly and I’ve been a nanny for most of my professional life. I fell into the role by accident when I was around 18-19 and haven’t looked back.

Being a nanny to me is the best job. It’s very rewarding getting to see children and babies grow up (some now young adults) and thrive in life. It’s a blessing to have witnessed that.

Being nominated for the Nursery World Nanny of the Year is a huge shock to me. I just try and do my best every day and to have been honoured with a nomination made me speechless, which doesn’t happen often.”

Jackie Robertson

"Hi I’m Jackie, I’m a wife and mother to 2 sons. I’ve been a nanny since 2015 and have at last found the job that I feel gives me the most pleasure and satisfaction I’ve ever had. Every day is different working with children and is so rewarding. Being nominated for the Nursery World Nanny of the Year award has been a lovely surprise and I’m flabbergasted that I’m a finalist. The award would be the icing on the cake for me, affirming the feeling of accomplishment and appreciation I get from working with children.”

Stefanie Alexandra Coleman

“My name is Stefanie Alexandra Coleman and I have been a nanny for 13 years.

Being shortlisted for the coveted Nursery World Nanny of the Year award is the most rewarding feeling, as over many years I have nurtured and watched the wonderful children I have cared for grow and flourish throughout their development and lives. I feel truly privileged to have been a part of this, and extremely proud when looking back at all the wonderful children and families I have worked alongside.

Being shortlisted reminds me of why I do what I do with such love, passion, and integrity.”

Keziah Warne

"My is name Keziah and I am 27 years old. I live and work in South West London. I studied at Norland College and for the last 6 years have cared for two, now not so little, children. I think I can speak for everyone when I say, 2020 has been a tough year for so many reasons. To have been shortlisted, let alone even nominated for Nursery World Nanny of the Year is an absolute honour, especially when I know how incredible Nannies have been in these crazy times.

My charges have had the hardest year, I am in complete awe of them, they make me so proud, every single day. I confided in them that I’d been nominated for this award and they both said how proud they are of me, to know someone nominated and that they are crossing their fingers. This is for them. “

Cristina Sajtos

“My name is Cristina Sajtos and I’ve been a nanny for 10 years. I have had an amazing journey throughout the years and developed myself into a professional with training and qualifications alongside my experience.

Being shortlisted for the Nursery World Nanny of the Year is an amazing feeling. It makes me feel like I am one step closer to achieving my dream, I would love to mentor other nannies in the future and help them grow into professionals. I enjoy every second of my nannying and to be recognised for my hard work would be a great achievement for me in my career.”

Bernadette Rodbourn

"I've been a nanny for four years. Prior to that, I worked in a nursery whilst I studied for my Cache, level 3 early years educator.

Being shortlisted for the Nursery World Nanny of the Year was a big surprise and I smiled for the whole day. Thank you. I don’t consider myself special, I just love children. When I was made redundant in 2012 from a long career in administration, I took the opportunity to retrain. I didn't have my own children although I do have three stepchildren and eight grandchildren. I come from a large family and I have seven great-nieces and three great-nephews. At family parties, I'm called the pied piper because I gravitate towards the children and they follow me. I've even been called Mary Poppins! I'm probably a bit older than the average nanny and I think that helps me provide the children I look after with a broad education from nature to poetry. Show them how to be kind and considerate and most of all treat them with respect”


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