Is your Professional Association serving you well?

An article for non-BAPN members

First things first, you are to be commended for joining a professional body who will look after your professional interests. In doing so you have already demonstrated your professionalism and commitment to your career.

Being a nanny can be thrilling and the most rewarding job you’ll ever get to do. However, caring for someone else’s children can leave you extremely vulnerable, you can feel isolated at times and unsure of your facts be it a childcare issue or regarding your employment rights. You might find yourself facing an accusation of some kind or with a battle on your hands regarding unpaid salary or wrongful deductions for example. So, whether you feel in need of a second opinion, some reassuring advice or you need support and representation, membership of a professional body is crucial.

If you are a member of BAPN – thank you. I hope you already know how we support you and what we provide for you. This blog is directed at those nannies who are members of an alternative trade / professional association.

As a nanny there are few associations you can join but there are some quick questions you can ask yourself when deciding which one might be right for you – are you in the right one? Questions such as:

1. Is your association for Nannies Only?

2. Does your association have Nanny Only committees, working groups, volunteer networks, and mentors?

3. Is your association partnered with the UK’s leading

  • - Nanny Insurers

  • - Nanny Payroll providers

  • - Specialist Nanny job sites?

4. When your association communicates with you be it via mail, newsletter, email or social media, do they mention you directly. In other words, is their message to Nannies?

If you haven’t answered yes to all of the above, perhaps it’s time for you to seriously examine whether or not you’ve joined an association that best meets your needs.

If your association was primarily set up to support the needs of childminders for example, does it automatically follow that they’ll understand your needs as a nanny? Similarly, if your association is an education association first and foremost, are they really going to place supporting you at the heart of everything they do?

BAPN has enormous respect for all associations set up to secure employment rights and the professional development of workers. However, we believe where associations open up membership to workers from different professions, the support on offer is often diluted.

At BAPN our priority is nannies. We do not offer membership to any other category of the childcare and early years workforce and this makes us unique. You will NEVER:

  • have to vie for our attention alongside teachers, lecturers, school support staff, nursery workers, or childminders

  • receive correspondence from us that fails to speak to you directly

  • feel like an “ad-on”. Absolutely everything we do, every service we provide, every member benefit we negotiate is for nannies.

Think about the last communication you received from your association:

  • If it made mention of the education sector did it mention childcare and the early years too?

  • If it talked about education professionals did it mention nannies, childcarers also?

If the answer is no to the above then you’ve already been forgotten and if you’re not on your association’s radar now, then it stands to reason when and if it grows / modernises, you’ll potentially disappear from its thoughts altogether.

Think about the last campaign your association launched:

  • Did it concentrate on the benefits of using just one category of its membership (childminders for example)?

This is not an article written to be critical of other associations. This blog is written to encourage you to look at your current membership association and ask yourself is it right for you? Do they know you, understand you and are their member benefits aimed at you as a nanny or are they generally childminder, teacher focused? Importantly, are you getting value for money?

One of the associations currently offering membership to nannies will charge you over £100.00 more per year than your annual subscription to BAPN!!

Thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to read my blog. Please feel free to take a look around our site. There’s plenty of information on here that you can access without being a member, there’s even a number of FREE downloadable documents for you to use. I’d urge you to take a look at our member benefits and if you think we meet your needs we’d be delighted to welcome you into membership.

Finally, if you’ve any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me,uk


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