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BAPN members can now get preferential Breakdown Cover / Service / Warranty / Repairs / MOT – plus GAP, Tyre, Alloy and Cosmetic Repair Insurance (important for keeping your car looking lovely as well as running well) through our partnership with MotorEasy, industry experts, making owning and maintaining a car - and your life - easy and hassle free.

In addition to providing car warranties with the best combination of price and cover, MotorEasy provides car service and MOT plans and assistance with any car repairs that will make a serious dent into motoring costs.

Enjoy the assistance and protection of a personal MotorEasy technician, who arranges any required work, makes sure workshop visits are as convenient as possible and negotiates on your behalf to ensure that you get the best prices and save money. The independently approved network of 10,000 repairers stretches across every corner of the UK so help is never far away. MotorEasy can even arrange for the collection and return of your vehicle from either home or work.

“Jargon filled, technical conversations that leave you questioning what needs to be done – or not – to your car will be a thing of the past. MotorEasy’s personal technicians act on your behalf, with your interests at heart to deliver peace of mind and savings.”

BAPN members who sign up will use the MotorEasy website as an online home for all vehicle ownership and maintenance issues. It allows you to easily manage car service and MOT procedures, obtain car warranty cover and house relevant documents via a password-protected portal. The service will deliver MOT, tax and annual car service reminders and will house your automatically-updated MOT and car service history, recall notifications and live valuations. All services at a heavily discounted price and all just for you!

As the home of car maintenance and ownership, MotorEasy provides MOT, car servicing, car repairs, market-leading car warranty protection, breakdown cover, GAP insurance and many more products associated with owning and running a car.

Details of the offers available along with discount codes can be found on our member only page.


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