Halloween will inevitably be a little different this year for all of us. Hopefully you will still be able to find a way to celebrate with your charges regardless. We are all currently in different Tiers and will need to follow the appropriate guidelines within your area. If you’re currently stuck for ideas on how to celebrate Halloween this year then hopefully we can help you.

Pumpkin Patch

Have you been to pick your pumpkins yet?

Research in your local area to find out where your nearest pumpkin patch is. This is a great outdoor activity. I took my charges to Garsons in Esher last week and we had a brilliant afternoon. Do remember to check ahead and look online as we had to book an entry slot this year. The children had lots of fun running around the field looking at the pumpkins and picking their perfect one.

Carving Pumpkins

Once you've chosen your perfect pumpkins, it’s now time to carve them! Be mindful of sharp knives and tools with children and always supervise them. This is a great opportunity to let them be creative. You can always print off a pumpkin carving template if you're struggling for ideas. I’ll be posting photos in BAPN’s Place next week of our pumpkin carving creations. Also instead of just throwing your pumpkin away after Halloween, if they’re still in a good condition, be sure to find some tasty pumpkin recipes to use up the leftovers of your creations.

Spooky Arts & Crafts

As we may be spending a lot more time at home this half term then it’s a great opportunity to get crafty with your charges. Here are some spooky ideas below. Please do share any of your creations on BAPN’s Place as we’d love to see what our members have been up too.


This pumpkin craft activity is courtesy of @pocketnannies. It’s very simple and made by cutting an apple in half and using it as a stamp with orange paint. Felt tips were used for faces and a stroke of green paint for the stalk. If you have a bag of goggly eyes at home this activity is perfect for using some up.


Leftover loo rolls are needed for this spooky spiders craft activity by our lovely member Alice, @nanny.inspiration.station. Simply cut the bottom of the loo roll into eight legs and then dip into black paint. Get those goggly eyes out once again to bring the spiders to life!


Your charges can paint the bats, whilst you cut out the wings (or if they're old enough you can draw out the template and they can cut them out). Stick the loo roll onto the wings and add those goggly eyes once again! Simple, yet a lot of fun for you and charges.

Halloween Baking

These banana ghosts are always a favourite with my charges at Halloween. There is a quick and easy recipe at https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/frozen-banana-ghosts.

Halloween biscuits or cookies are simple and easy to make with your charges. We have a bat, ghost and pumpkin cookie cutters that we will definitely be getting out this week. If your charges are like mine they will also enjoy decorating the biscuits with different colour icing and sweet treats.

We also enjoy peeling tangerines/satsumas and sticking a small piece of celery in the top to make them look like mini pumpkins.

Another popular idea is to dip apples in melted chocolate and then roll them in sprinkles. Alternatively here is another simple recipe from BBC good food how to make toffee apples. https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/homemade-toffee-apples

Joe Wicks PE

Joe Wicks is putting on a Halloween special of PE with Joe. 9am on Saturday 31st October. A great excuse to dress up and exercise altogether.

Trick or Treat

Trick or treating will need to be a little different this year. Depending on where you live and how you and your employers feel you may need to get creative with trick or treating this year. As my charges and I live in London (and are currently in Tier 2) we will be celebrating Halloween inside their home this year. My employers and I are planning to dress up and make a base in different rooms in the house. In the other spare rooms we are planning to dress up some of their teddy’s in Halloween costumes and accessories so the children can still experience trick or treating this year. We’ve bought lots of Halloween treats in preparation and hope the children will still have an enjoyable time.

If you are still planning to head out and you're in an area where mixing households is still allowed then please remember the rule of six and keep safe.

Our Managing Director has suggested an idea which may work for some of you. Buy some pre-wrapped sweets or chocolate and drop on your neighbours doorstep (please discuss with them first). Your charges can then go on a hunt outside the neighbours houses to find the treats.

Whatever you decide please make sure that you discuss with your employers first and make sure everyone is kept safe. Enjoy and have fun! Halloween 2020 will definitely be one to remember!

Lizzie, Senior BAPN Membership Ambassador


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