Discounted Holidays

Holidays are all about simple pleasures!

There’s nothing quite like a holiday, is there?

As a BAPN member you can save up to an extra 10% on your Haven holiday!

It’s a chance to step back. A reminder of what life’s like when you’re not on the clock. A time for running into the sea – then running back out again when you realise how cold it is. For building sandcastles, bumping dodgems and stuffing your face with fish and chips. Most importantly, it’s your chance to spend quality time with your family, getting to know them all over again.

Holidays are all about simple pleasures. They’re what we do best. So, gather up your little ones and big ones too. Pack your bucket and spade, and head to the one of our 37 parks on the Great British Coast for a Haven holiday you’ll remember long after you’ve got the sand out of your socks. We can’t wait to welcome you.

To claim your discounted Haven Holiday, head over to your member benefits.


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