Dinosaur Douglas by Heather Maisner, illustrated by Alex Godwin.

Reviewed by BAPN Membership Ambassador, Lizzie Watts

Heather Maisner has created a wonderful, fun and lovable character called Dinosaur Douglas. The books are aimed at children aged 2-7 years.

Heather has written a selection of educational and entertaining books to help teach children about important health related problems. Dinosaur Douglas is a bright, colourful and cheeky character that will appeal to children. The Dinosaur Douglas’ books are amusing, rhyming stories based on adventures that Children will definitely enjoy.

There are five books so far in the series;

Dinosaur Douglas and the beastly bugs is an entertaining story relating to what the consequences may be if children eat too many sugary treats. The beastly bugs provide a clear and visual image of what can happen to your teeth if you eat too many sugary products.

Dinosaur Douglas has fun in the sun is a fun story that teaches children about the importance of vitamin D and why they need to spend plenty of time in the sun.

Dinosaur Douglas and the rumble grumble tum is about the affect of overeating and not exercising. Children will find this story amusing and easy to understand.

Dinosaur Douglas and the yucky mucky fingers is a story which clearly shows what can happen if children don’t wash their hands. The beastly bugs are back but this time they are living all over Dinosaur Douglas’ fingers. The illustrations are easy to understand and explain how germs and bugs can easily transport from dirty hands to other parts of the body, onto objects and other children.

Difficult Days for Dinosaur Douglas is a slightly more serious book. I personally think it is aimed at slightly older readers. Heather address’ a lot of difficult situations which may arise with the children you are looking after. Difficulties occur out of the blue and sometimes it can be extremely hard to discuss with children and get them to open up. Difficult Days for Dinosaur Douglas would be a good book to find a quiet corner and read together with a child who is possibly feeling worried or anxious about a particular something. For children to read about a bright coloured fun dinosaur and the problems he has to face may ease their mind and bring some comfort to them.

It is clear to see that Heather has put an awful lot of thought and research into these books. She has worked with professionals and has addressed some serious topics. Heather has found a way to tell the stories in a fun and lighthearted way which are appropriate for children. I will definitely recommend Dinosaur Douglas to other nannies, parents and childcare professionals.

To find out more about Heather and her books, visit: http://www.heathermaisner.com/ and www.dinosaurdouglas.com

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