Dear Penpal

When I was little, I used to write to my Nan who lived far away from me.

I’d wait in excited anticipation for her replies and would reply again right away. I still have some of the letters.

In an online world we hardly write letters anymore, so I encouraged my little ones to have pen pals and they love sending and receiving letters.

With all that’s going on now with Coronavirus and isolation and so many children at home - I thought it would be really lovely to set up pen pals around the world to connect in this social distancing time to bring the future generation closer together - all while practicing handwriting and spelling and drawing and creative writing!

There are a couple of ways to do this:

  • 1, DIY: Partner up with classmates or sports club friends to keep in touch ‘old school’ while in isolation.

  • 2. I can help partner you up with a pen-pal. Simply get in touch and I’ll put you in touch with another parent with similar aged children. (For safeguarding reasons - All applicants will be checked, double checked again and verified for safety reasons.

Also If you don’t want to share your home address for any reason - a Royal Mail PO Box is a great idea. (Details how to set that up here:

I’d love to hear if any pe pal friendships form because of this little idea! Do let me know and please do share this post so more can get involved.

Happy writing! 😊

Kind regards,

Fi Star-Stone


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