Book Review: There’s More to Books than Reading. Review by Lizzie Watts

BAPN asked the Author Kathryn Lord if we could review her book 'There’s More to Books than Reading'. With Kathryn's permission to go ahead, I was asked to review it on behalf of our members.

Kathryn is extremely experienced within the early years sector. She has worked as a Teacher, Nursery Nurse, Tutor, Nanny and Governess. It became very clear to me whilst reading the book that Kathryn has a clear passion for reading books to children and recognises the importance of this.

There’s More to Books than Reading is set out into clear and easy to read chapters. Kathryn has used the areas of learning and development from the EYFS framework as the main titles of her chapters. Throughout the book Kathryn gives the reader great ideas on how to expand on particular children’s books and enhance the child’s learning. She uses numerous different books to give examples throughout her book. Some are well known children’s books and some are less known, however Kathryn has great ideas for all of them.

One of Kathryn’s sentences that stuck in my mind is from page 28. Kathryn states; ‘Learning is more memorable when it is active.’ As an early years practitioner myself, I cannot agree more with this statement. Children will have longer lasting and more enjoyable memories if you can make the book come to life and create individual activities for them based on their favourite books. I’m sure that early years professionals would find this book to be a great resource. Kathryn uses numerous examples in her book of ways to make reading fun and more interactive for the children in your care. Throughout the book Kathryn makes reference to This is Kathryn’s website and blog. She provides regular updates of what she is up too along with book recommendations and reviews. It’s worth taking a look.

In the last chapter Kathryn includes helpful questions that can be used as prompts to ask the children in your care. As an early years practitioner some of these questions may come naturally to you, but Kathryn lists lots of ideas, some you may not have thought of.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Kathryn’s book to any professional who is working in the early years. I also believe this book would be a great resource for parents.

Kathryn does a great job of enabling the reader to think out of the box whilst reading books to children. I’m sure There’s More to Books than Reading will also be a great reference book that you can look back on many times. After reading this book I’m certain that it will encourage the reader to bring to life any children’s book.

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