BAPN Review

Each year the BAPN Senior Leadership Team carries out an internal review of how the Association is performing, what has worked well in the last year and, importantly, what were the challenges and how did we meet them.

It goes without saying that last year was a year like no other and for us, as for most organisations, the challenges were plentiful and could never have been predicted as we entered 2020. The good news is we survived!

Our Business Review is an in-house, confidential exercise and generally informs our future planning. However, we thought we’d publish a few snippets: to demonstrate what we are doing, what we believe are our strengths, and, what we consider to be the benefits of joining BAPN, the #1 Nanny Specific Association in the UK.

So, what are the key functions of the British Association for Professional Nannies?

We provide:

  • Comprehensive Help and Support – To provide practical help, support and career development for qualified and experienced nannies

  • Enhanced Professional Status – To advocate ‘gold standard’ within the nanny profession

  • Advocacy – To influence the wider childcare and early years sector / government, on key policy areas relating to nannies and home childcare.

These functions provide focus for a range of member benefits that deliver positive member based outcomes.

Our Member Benefits

We’ve been able to significantly increase the number of member benefits on offer to members over the last 12 months. Our partnerships with training providers, resources, and professional services, enable BAPN to provide inspiration to its members along with unrivalled professional development opportunities.

Our newest benefits category ‘It’s all about You’, has seen a doubling of member benefits, promoting good health and wellbeing, self-care and relaxation, adding greater emphasis to ‘BAPN – where Professionalism is a Lifestyle’. We aim to better support and promote a positive member work / life balance.

We’ve also retained the services of experts who make up our Business Development Advisory Panel. Our BDAP is made up of a select number of respected professionals who advise BAPN Directors on a range of issues and help us to ensure that we provide the best and most relevant advice, support and information to our members.

Member Engagement


Our network of volunteers welcomed two new Membership Ambassadors, Pauline Daniel and Christina Sajros. Supporting the Membership Services Team, the BAPN Ambassadors are representatives of the Association who serve as a liaison between members and the Senior Leadership Team. The Ambassadors strive to strengthen the connection with our members and to create a welcoming member experience. As members of the Membership Services Team, the BAPN Ambassadors help foster and build the BAPN community.

Regional Activity

Unsurprisingly, all regional activity has been put on hold. BAPN is a responsible Association and will follow government guidance at all times. As we see an easing of restrictions we will review our regional activity but for now, all interactions with members will be virtual.

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups provide a great opportunity for members with special interests to network with likeminded nannies. This activity is typically managed by our Membership Ambassadors in alignment with regional activity. Sadly, as with regional activity, special interests groups have been put on hold until further notice.


Our website is constantly under review and underwent a significant update last year. It enables us to extend our reach and provides immediate online value to members with access to key content to industry news, surveys, reports, updates, career information, with downloadable documents, publications, and a facility for answering employment related questions, all via a secure dedicated ‘Members Area’.


Our blogs are written to provide insight. Articles are hosted on our website, available to all visitors. This last year we’ve hosted more guest blogs than in previous years and now receive offers of content from a wide range of respected professionals from all areas of childcare and education.

Last year we saw an increase in visitor interaction of over 71%.

Online Member Community ‘BAPN’s Place

Our online community provides immediate online member value via online networking, peer review and the ability to interact with members virtually and in real time. Member engagement in BAPN’s Place is up over 40% on last year and our Membership Ambassadors are building on this by producing more quality content, competitions, lives and video interviews.

A Strong Social Media Presence

We are visible on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We consider this another benefit of membership as it outwardly demonstrates the association is working hard on behalf of members and keeps members up-to-date on all the latest developments.

External Activity

Awards have long been a great way for professional associations to recognise sector achievements and BAPN is no different. We proudly co-sponsor the prestigious, market leader, Nursery World Nanny of the Year Award which enables us to showcase the nanny profession to the wider childcare and early years workforce. There is no financial benefit to BAPN, our involvement is solely about raising the profile of nannies and improving their professional status. The Senior Leadership Team is committed to continuing our involvement with this award.

The UK’s first and only NannyHub at the Nursery World Show 2020. The UK's largest, most established show for the early years and childcare sector at the Business Design Centre, London, featured The NannyHub, sponsored by BAPN, providing unrivalled support, guidance and information for nannies.

Due to the unquestionable success of the 2020 Nursery World NannyHub, it was our intention to do the same again in 2021. Plans were well in hand for an even bigger, brighter, more exhilarating event when the decision was made by event organisers that the 2021 event would be a virtual event. We had detailed discussions with the organisers and took the view that the NannyHub would not benefit from being a virtual event, its whole purpose is to meet nannies in person, provide an opportunity for nannies to network and learn from the experts. Cancelling the Nursery World NannyHub was heart wrenching for us but we knew it was the right thing to do. So, onwards and upwards, plans are well afoot for a 2022 event so watch this space as they say.

Participation in future thinking – Research

BAPN receives invites to take part in numerous pieces of research and we turn most down. This is a time consuming activity, often requires a significant funding contribution as well as our time and sector expertise. However, when requests come from government departments, universities, or other sector leaders, where we can, we say yes. This last year we’ve actively participated in two independent university research projects, one examination board quality assurance contract, and two childcare and early years book titles. We actively canvas our membership for opinion so that we can be confident our contribution reflects the views of nannies, members and non-members.


BAPN actively lobbies government on behalf of our members, a collective voice is nearly always more effective than an individual one. Due to our profile and the standing of our Association, we were able to actively liaise with 4 government departments this last year, covering issues relating to: the impact of the pandemic on nannies; key worker status; why the Furlough Scheme is being exploited by a large number of nanny employers; Health & Safety when working in a private household; minimum wage, and lone working. We were also approached by Government Ministers seeking our views, along with National Newspapers, Magazines, National TV, and Radio. We work hard to raise the profile of nannies both inside the childcare and early years workforce, and externally where the nanny professional is often misunderstood and under-valued.

Our Managing Director gave 17 media interviews through 2020 and featured in a number of newspaper and magazine articles, all raising the profile of the nanny profession.

Regulation Matters Campaign

BAPN proudly chairs the leading campaign for the registration and regulation of nannies and nanny agencies. We work alongside the leading organisations within the childcare, early years, and education sectors across the whole of the UK. The Association’s involvement keeps us at the forefront of opinion within the sector and enables us to learn from the expertise of other. It is BAPN’s intension to continue our involvement until the job is done.


What was the average professional association new member rate in 2019 / 2020?

The average new member rate for professional associations for this period is reported between 15% and 25%. The rate depends on a range of factors that include propensity to join, and perceived member value. BAPN achieved 37% and, we are extremely proud to report that our retention rate for the same period was a whopping 83% - an amazing achievement during such a difficult time. To all our new members and those who stay and put their trust in us year on year, we send out a great big thank you.

The Cost

It is BAPN’s intention to add amazing value for money; add member benefits year on year, and to remain competitive. Being unique in the sector - the only Nanny Specific Membership Association UK wide, makes it difficult to produce a realistic comparison. However, we can say with confidence, we remain 50% less expensive than the Association nearest to what we offer and how we operate.

Our subscription rates for 2021 saw little movement with some remaining as last year and one category saw an actual decrease in subscription rate.

Furthermore, all income received goes straight back into member benefits and the operational requirements of our Association (insurance, sponsorship, website management etc). The Senior Leadership Team and Membership Ambassadors are all volunteers. BAPN does not have any employees.

We hope this brief snapshot gives readers a good overview of our ethos, our reliability, and credibility. We love what we do and do what we love. If you’ve not yet joined BAPN – what are you waiting for? Go to to join today.


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