BAPN Member Benefits

There are numerous benefits to joining the #1 Nanny Membership Association in the UK and below we’ve tried to highlight as many as possible. Obviously, the full extent of the benefits, offers and savings will only become apparent when you join us. So, what do you get for less than the price of a coffee and a cake per month?

Information & Advice

Downloadable Guides for Nannies

Committed to supporting you in your career, we offer exclusive FREE guides for you to download on all things related to nannying. We work with sector experts to provide you with the most up to date and professional resources available.

Employment Advice – Ask US!

Have you got a general query or has something happened at work? We have employment advisors on hand to help you should the need arise. Employment advice, support, and personal representation is available to you should you need it. Our experienced caseworkers are here to help you when things go wrong. We can advise you of your rights in relation to working hours, the National Minimum Wage, sick pay, holiday entitlement, taxation, unlawful deductions, working hours, and anything else that might be causing you concern. We can offer support and guidance on how best to approach your employer about any difficulties you are experiencing, and we can accompany you at arranged meetings with your employer to make sure you are being treated fairly and to secure a good outcome. No extra fees, this is all covered by your membership subscription.

Personal Representation

Personal Representation – What is it?

Unfortunately, at work, things can and do go wrong and that’s why we are here. BAPN will listen to what’s happened and give you frank, reliable advice and support. We will assess your needs and work with you to secure the best outcome which might be:

  • Give you the answers you need to enable you to solve the problem yourself

  • Draft a letter for you to give to your employer explaining your position

  • Write to or phone your employer on your behalf to negotiate a satisfactory solution

  • Agree to mediate between you and your employer when all else has failed

  • Accompany you to an agreed meeting between you and your employer to resolve matters such as disciplinary or grievance.

  • Refer you to a qualified Employment Law Solicitor partnered with BAPN for reliable, independent legal advice.

Online Training & e-Learning

We’ve negotiated some amazing training opportunities for you with the best training specialists in the country, offering high quality, innovative and impactful heavily discounted training, and e-learning. Discounts range from FREE to 50% off.

Exclusive Discounts


  • · Designer fragrances

  • · Designer sunglasses

  • · Feminine hygiene products

  • · Hand blended scented candles

  • · Holidays

  • · Luxury stationery and homewares

  • · Magazine subscriptions

  • · Nanny Insurance

  • · Payroll

  • · Private Health Care

Discounts range from 10 to 70%.

Heavily Discounted Resources

From top providers such as: Wellbeing for Kids, Clickety Books, The Love Writing Company, Wendy Woo, The Toy People, Nana’s Manners, Activity Village, The Victoria Chart Company, Muddy Puddle Teacher, and NitNot. Discounts range from FREE to 50%.

Plus, BAPN Nanny Mentoring Scheme, CV Doctor, and our Independent Qualified Mediation Service.

At BAPN we really do have you covered.


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