International Affiliates

International Affiliate membership is a new membership category created by BAPN to provide comprehensive support and resources to nannies based outside of the United Kingdom.

Becoming a BAPN International Affiliate member provides a fantastic opportunity for those nannies working abroad to join our community. 

A BAPN International Affiliate member will:

  • receive our monthly e-newsletters

  • gain access to all our online discounted training courses

  • gain access to our FREE continuing professional development resources, essential childcare and early years updates

  • become part of a network of nannies who are keen to advance their knowledge and professional expertise.

Is it for me?

International Affiliate membership is open to all nannies working outside of the UK

How can I contribute?

As a BAPN International Affiliate member you can:

  • apply to join our team of regular bloggers

  • participate in a range of ‘micro’ volunteering opportunities which can be carried out online.

Networking Opportunities

Tap into the collective expertise of fellow International Affiliates through the BAPN Community.


BAPN offers email advice and support when needed to all our International Affiliates.

International Affiliate membership subscription

International Affiliate membership is offered at just £30.00 per year.  (That’s currently less than €35 or $40).

What next?

If you would like to become a BAPN Affiliate member press Join NOW

Image by Lucas Lenzi