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Volunteering for BAPN can be a whole lot of fun!


Become a volunteer for BAPN today and take an active part in your unique nanny association.

Every one of our members has an important role to play in growing our association, making it even stronger and more influential.  We are the number one UK based nanny association and we want to keep it that way which is why we need your help.

You can play a vital role in BAPN, keeping us up to date on developments in your area and ultimately, helping us to build a stronger and larger association by recruiting and retaining members.  Nannies are more likely to join BAPN if they are approached by nannies already in membership.

Our vision and mission for our volunteer network

Volunteers collaborate with us in every area of our work.

Volunteers give their time, their passion and their energy to achieve change. Every day, the enormous range of skills, experience and expertise they bring makes us stronger as an association, enabling us to reach more nannies, establish wider networks and “spread the word”.

We encourage the enthusiasm and ambition of our volunteers so that together, we can create something truly exceptional. 


Our principles

Recognition: We respect and admire the vital contribution volunteers make in every area of our work. We could not accomplish what we do without them.

Trust: We trust volunteers to use their skills, experience and expertise to their full potential, to inform and develop what we do and to organise and deliver activities that further our aims.

Transparency:  We champion transparency, honesty and good communication in everything we do, ensuring volunteers see the difference we make together.


Why we need volunteers

BAPN is an ambitions organisation representing the interests of its nanny members.  Our volunteers all play a massive and vital part of BAPN. Volunteers can help BAPN grow by reaching out to and recruiting nannies.  Nannies in membership are the best people to tell other nannies of the benefits of BAPN membership. 

There’s a variety of roles within BAPN that volunteers can undertake, depending on their interests and availability.


If you’d like to learn more, please email us to arrange a chat. 


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Company No. 11927816 

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