Corporate Social Responsibility


This CSR Policy refers to the way in which BAPN regulate itself in order to ensure that all of our activities positively affect society as a whole.  Our Policy aims to guarantee that we work ethically, considering human rights as well as the social, economic and environmental impacts of what we do as a business.  In all that we do, BAPN aims to meet, and to exceed, any relevant legislation, and if legislation does not exist in a particular area, our management team and volunteers ensure that we carry out best practices anyway. 

BAPN is committed to ensuring that any business undertakings are conducted as ethically as possible by following the below policy: 

BAPN’s Vision and Objectives


  • To be the leading “go to organisation” on all nanny related issues.


  • To promote professionalism in all that we do.

  • To advance the learning and professional status of nannies UK wide.

  • To facilitate personal development of all those working in home childcare.

Looking after the BAPN Team

To retain a loyal and productive team, we ensure:

  • We meet and exceed required legislation and standards in relation to Equal Opportunities and the Human Rights Act 2010.  

  • We have robust Health & Safety policies and procedures in place, and these are reviewed on an annual basis.  

  • We provide ongoing training, appraisals and personal development.

  • We operate an ‘Open Door Policy’ and for remote team members we have a clear communication policy which includes Skype / Zoom / Telephone / Emails / Meetings and WhatsApp. 

  • All BAPN Team members are eligible to take advantage of all negotiated member benefits.



Looking after Members

It is of paramount importance to us that we look after our members, to make sure that they have a positive and lasting impression of our support and services. To this end:

  • Members who contact BAPN are guaranteed a response within 24 hours

  • Members receive advice and support from qualified / insured members of the BAPN Team

  • All member benefits and services are provided by legally registered and insured third party companies and academic institutions.

Partnership Standards

It is vital to us that we ensure that we use the best suppliers of products and services and that we maintain a good working relationship with them.  To this end:

  • We only enter in to partnership arrangements with companies who are licenced to trade within the UK, have the required qualifications and insurance in place enabling them to legally offer their products and services and can demonstrate they operate within all H&S and other government department requirements of trade such as they adhere to the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and the Bribery Act 2010

Protecting the Environment

BAPN is wholly committed to reducing the environment impact that our business activities may have. 

  • 95% of all material produced by BAPN is produced electronic version only.  Where materials are produced hard copy, we use recycled material only.

  • We encouraging greener transport by:

- Encourage our team members to walk, cycle, car share or use public transport to get to meetings

- Encourage our team members to use greener fuels in their personal vehicles if possible.

Community Engagement

BAPN’s adopted charity is the Children’s Society.  We support their national and local campaigns by donating time i.e. staff participation and notifying members of campaigns / events in their area.

BAPN is a member of the Disability Confident scheme. Being Disability Confident increases our understanding of disability and how to make the most of the opportunities provided by employing disabled people and remove barriers that might be preventing disabled people and those with long term health conditions from accessing employment. It is important to us that we play our part in ensuring that disabled people have opportunities to fulfil their potential and realise their aspirations