Peaceful Learning
Peaceful Learning

We provide nannies with a holistic approach to childcare, nurturing emotional well-being, as well as, mental and physical. Our nannies guide children through life by first gaining trust and respect. Our nannies are often considered gentle, patient and authentically caring while providing clear boundaries. Sound like you? Give us a call!





+44 (0) 208 191 9551

Products & Services:

• Holistic nanny agency
• Nanny professional development courses
• Nanny training
• Nanny placement agency
• Worldwide placements
• Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Waldorf Steiner, RIE, Pikler
• NVC, Aware Parenting, Attachment Parenting
• Home schooling, forest school and nature play
• Full time, part time, temporary, holiday cover, weekends
• Live-in, live-out, rota
Mother’s help, Governess and mentor roles
• Maternity roles
• Exclusive community groups for job listings

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