Everycare Nannies
Everycare Nannies

At Everycare Nannies, we visit families, define in tandem with parents, the Nanny’s role within the household. We expertly source qualified and experienced candidates.
Using our own copyrighted profiling techniques designed to see ‘inside’ Nanny style, we ensure the family and Nanny have the best fit possible.
Employing our Nannies ourselves means families do not waste time learning about employment laws, negotiating expensive contracts and dealing with HMRC. All your nanny needs are covered.






Products & Services:

• We employ your Nanny.
• You have the same Nanny/Nannies for your arranged hours and days.
• All Statutory Leave is covered.
• Bespoke sourcing using copyrighted profiling techniques.
• All household staff covered.
• Experts at finding the right childcare for your family.
• We have never had a fail.
• All our Nannies have been with their family since the family joined.
• Returning families and Nannies.
• We voluntarily follow Care in Wales/Care Quality Commission regulations in an otherwise unregulated industry.
• Manager is NNEB qualified.
• Expert finance Manager for payroll and invoicing.
• Long standing brand.

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