BAPN Ambassador


The Membership Services Team is responsible for providing the strategy to define and deliver value and a consistent high-quality membership experience for all BAPN members. The Membership Services Team is responsible for attracting, engaging, and retaining new and renewing BAPN members. They provide support and outreach for our members.

The BAPN Ambassador is a representative of the Association that serves as a liaison between members and BAPN. The Ambassador strives to strengthen the connection with our members and to create a welcoming member environment.   A BAPN Ambassador is someone who strives to help others feel comfortable, enjoys sharing and gaining knowledge, and understands and embraces the value of belonging.

As a valued member of the Membership Services Team, the BAPN Ambassador helps foster and build the BAPN community.  

The Role

The BAPN Ambassador post is awarded at the discretion of BAPN Directors.   The appointment is lifelong but can be resigned by the holder at any time.  It is envisaged that one BAPN Ambassador is appointed each year.  However, Directors are under no obligation to award Ambassadorship.  The first BAPN Ambassador will become Senior Ambassador once more are appointed and s/he will become a member of the BAPN Ambassador Board.  

The Person

Ambassadors are BAPN members and true advocates for the nanny profession.  They proudly support and aid our work, enabling us to thrive and prosper.

BAPN Ambassadors pledge to work in collaboration with us in support of our members and are firmly committed to raising awareness of BAPN, positively impacting the work we do, and raising the professional profile of nannies.


BAPN Ambassadors are and will remain a true showcase for BAPN – the Association for Professional Nannies.

  • Ambassadors develop strong relationships and support the interests of Nannies UK wide

  • Attend appropriate events in order to represent BAPN


  • Opportunity to contribute to and influence BAPN development

  • An opportunity to influence and comment on key government consultations 

  • increase own professional profile and become a key part of the nanny community country wide

  • Develop their own confidence and communication skills

  • Dedicated Ambassador page on the BAPN website

  • Presence on the BAPN Ambassador Board

  • Ambassador recognition at all BAPN events

  • Invitation to meetings with key stakeholders including policy makers and MPs

  • Complimentary place at Gala events representing BAPN (Nanny of the Year Awards)


Directors may remove the status of BAPN Ambassador should they consider the holder is not upholding our values or that their actions have brought BAPN’s reputation into disrepute.

BAPN revised Ambassador Role October 2019