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Nanny Tax survey

 2013 Nannytax Wages Survey

In 2013, Nannytax introduce the Annual Wages Survey Report

To give a full picture of the results of the Annual Wages Survey, we are releasing a full report of the results including analysis of the facts and figures.

This year for the first time Nannytax are publishing weekly and hourly gross rates along with weekly net and annual gross salaries. Historically the nanny industry has always talked about and agreed net wage figures, and this is why previously the survey results have also been present as a weekly net. Many nannies, employers and agencies, particularly in the South of England, are still agreeing a net wage.

As Nannytax have been campaigning for nanny agencies, employers and nannies themselves to agree gross salaries for many years we feel that our Wages Survey results should reflect this. The gross figures should also give a clearer picture of the actual average rates across the country.

Despite other surveys indicating that childcare costs have increased by as much as 19% across the country, our results show that the increase in nanny wages has been much smaller.

Although the recent economic growth in the UK is very much London-led, nannies in London have seen their wages fall or stagnate. This is particularly interesting in relation to findings from the survey relating to other key differences in the nanny industry in London – namely that London nannies are much more likely to originally be from outside the UK and are more likely to agree a net wage.

It is also interesting to note that live-out nannies have seen their wages remain much more stable than live-in nannies. Although the increase in salary for live-in nannies has been much greater in Outer London and the Home Counties, we can see that the drop in salary for live-in nannies in Inner London has also been much greater. Demand for live-in nannies has been historically low and remains low, and this may be the reason for the sharp drop in wages in Inner London.

To read the full report:

click here

Nanny of the Year 2014



Why not get your hard work recognised with the chance to win fantastic prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd. Closing date for applications is 28th February. Visit  to find out everything you need to know about the Award, what we are looking for, why you should apply and what you will do during the year if you win the Award.


Another great day just for nannies is planned at Chiltern with a great speaker from ‘Kids Love Nature’, exhibition stands for nannies to visit, sit down lunch and goody bags to take away. Day runs from 9.30am to 4.00pm, ending with the announcement of the Nanny of the Year 2014. Limited spaces. For further information and a registration form visit or e mail Cathy Wakely on

New course for Nannies - Nanny Drive iQ





BAPN is delighted to endorse & support a new qualification specifically for Nannies that will show an employer you understand how to drive safely with their children on board.


Every year in the UK more than 17,200 under 15’s are involved in road crashes. Last year just over 2,200 were killed or seriously injured, so it’s no wonder that many parents are anxious about entrusting this responsibility to someone else.


Recent studies have also highlighted that children are 12 times more likely to be a distraction to drivers than using a mobile phone at the wheel (and we all know how lethal that can be). Add to this, a study showed that when travelling with children by car for 16 minutes, on average we take our eyes off the road for more than 3 minutes!


Nanny Drive iQ is the worlds first online only assessment and educational platform specifically aimed at a nanny’s driving ability.  Its aim is simply to assess your ability and fill in any gaps in your knowledge. It provides thorough and effective e-learning to teach vital skills and coping strategies, ensuring someone driving children understands all aspects of in-car safety and is prepared for just about anything when out on the road, including how to cope with distraction from little passengers.


Developed by a2om, a global leader in online driver education, Nanny Drive iQ is based on the same principles used to screen all 8,500 car drivers for the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games. It represents a driving equivalent of a DBS (old CRB) check and is fast becoming an essential element of the ultimate nanny checklist.


How does it work?

The online programme uses state-of-the-art interactive software to assess your attitude and knowledge. It costs less than a tank of fuel and takes about 40 minutes to do the initial assessment and depending on performance, a few hours to complete the e-learning platform of up to 20 compulsory or recommended modules*. There is also an eBook on best practice to support and inform the applicant on an ongoing basis. *There are no in-car lessons or driving test retakes. The entire programme is completed online.

Once you have successfully completed Nanny Drive iQ, you receive a graduation number and your name will appear on the Drive-a-Child register, allowing future employers to confirm* you have taken your driving to an advanced and tested level. *An employer can only find you on the Register if you give them your gradation number and all they see is your name and the date you completed the programme. No other details are shared.

Nanny Drive iQ is endorsed by early years education experts Norland College and now part of their core training for all students. It is also supported by Morton Michel – The childcare insurance specialist as well as leading nanny agencies including Greycoat Lumleys & Tinies.


Sarah Rowley, CEO Nanny Drive iQ explains “A staggering 95% of all crashes are contributed to, not by how technically well a car is driven, but by our human factors. So it’s things like distraction, mood, anxiety, fatigue, a lack of planning or concentration that put a usually competent and careful driver (and their passengers) in danger. So I urge anyone who drives children to take a look at this potentially life-saving online course without delay.”


BAPN is pleased to have negotiated a 35% discount for its members, making Nanny Drive iQ only £39.00. Discount code is available in BAPN members area of the forum.


Visit website for more details.


Holding the Nanny Drive iQ qualification also entitles you to a 5% discount off your motor insurance policy with Morton Michel. 









Pensions for Nannies


For more information on Pensions  click here

Nanny of the Year 2013








An all day conference specifically for professional nannies was held at The Chiltern College on Saturday 18th May 2013.   


The conference culminated in the announcement of The Chiltern College Professional Nanny of the Year Award 2013. This is a prestigious annual award for which nannies from across the country apply. 


Paula Vekony, was announced Professional Nanny of the Year 2013. Paula, from London, is currently working in a nanny share position caring for 2 children aged 2 ½ years.  Her prize, as Nanny of the Year, is an Apple iPad donated by Greycoat Lumleys Childcare & Education, a top London Nanny Agency. 


2nd Prize, donated by MNT Training, went to Sian Hoggart from Wiltshire, who cares for 3 children aged 2, 4 and 6 years. She received a Kindle Fire with £90 worth of Amazon Vouchers.   


3rd Prize was awarded to Gemma Dickinson, from Suffolk whose current role is a nanny share position caring for 2 children under the age of 1. She gets £150 of Spa Vouchers donated by Nannytax, the Nanny payroll specialists.


Joint 4th was awarded to Katy Byng and Becky Meehan. Katy lives in Newbury and is nanny for 3 children aged 8 months, 3 years and 6 years. Becky, from Crawley, works as a nanny caring for 2 children aged 3 years and 20 months. They both received £50 of John Lewis vouchers, donated by Eden Nannies & Maternity.



Chris Lawrence, Principal of The Chiltern College, a leading childcare and training College, said: ‘It was a very difficult decision between the 5 finalists as all were able to demonstrate their commitment and professionalism as nannies. We had some very strong applications and whittling it down to a final 5 was not an easy task. I would like to congratulate the winner and all the finalists on their achievement. Paula Vekony will be a good ambassador for both the profession and the award during the coming year and we look forward to working with her to raise the profile of this very important role that nannies undertake for families up and down the country.

Cost of childcare goes up, nanny salaries down.

The Nannytax annual salary survey for 2012 showed a nearly 5% drop in nanny wages in some areas, and the greatest increase was 1.6% on last year, but the cost of other childcare has risen by more than 6% according to the Daycare Trust’s annual report over the same period.

Although it might not be good news on an individual level for nannies, for parents there is a silver lining. Live in nannies are now the most affordable option when compared to other forms of childcare. Last year we indicated that nannies were the most economic form of childcare for families with 3 or more children. It seems this year nannies may be more affordable for some families with 2 children than a nursery place, with the average full time nursery place coming in at £11,000 (£22,000 for 2 children) and a live in nanny in Outer London and the Home Counties earning £21,963 gross and a live in nanny in the rest of the UK earning an average of £20,509. Nannies are also working longer hours, with 14% working more than 60 hours a week. This makes them ideal for families with long working hours or long commutes.

Childminders and nurseries are being forced by economic circumstances to raise their fees. Increasing bills for utilities and food, the cost of compulsory training and the time taken to update paperwork in line with OFSTED’s requirements are all taking their toll. In contrast nanny salaries have to respond to the national trend for salaries, as they depend on the amount parents have free to spend on childcare. Squeezed budgets from hikes in the cost of living mean lower salaries or fewer nanny jobs.

Whichever way you spin it, childcare in the UK still costs parents too much, and doesn’t pay providers enough, nannies included. Being expected to work more hours for less money isn’t a sign of a healthy economy even if it is happening to almost everyone. But what’s the answer?

Some solutions look at the cost of childcare in general – increasing the amount of childcare vouchers which can be offset against tax, or enabling parents to claim childcare against their tax return. Others wouldn’t apply to nannies, unless changes were made, such as ring-fencing funding or paying providers directly.

There are two other solutions would decrease the costs associated with employing a nanny. For parents eligible for pre-school funding enabling appropriately registered nannies to deliver those hours would make a big difference. Another would be to provide tax relief on the costs associated with employing a nanny, such as Employer’s National Insurance.

Employing a nanny is a choice, but it’s sometimes the only form of childcare that meets parents’ requirements. Even if there are other options, it’s a choice that parents should be free to make and these figures indicate that a nanny may be an option open to more people than ever.

Nanny Week


Nanny Week 6-13 MAY 2013


May 6-13 will be a time to once again recognise the unique role that we play in the UK childcare workforce.


Nanny Week takes place annually, featuring a wide range of events and activities highlighting the fantastic work done by nannies across the country. As with everything we do at BAPN, our ultimate goal is that these activities will serve to raise the profile of the nanny in the eyes of the nation.


We strive every day to ensure that nannies are acknowledged for the crucial role they play in ensuring children receive the quality of care they need and deserve.


Nanny Week is our showcase for the wonderful nannies out there; a week in which to inform future nanny employers on how to be great employers and also an opportunity to communicate our core messages - that nannies are affordable, flexible and offer high quality, reliable childcare.


Last year, our first Nanny Week was a great success: It marked the first anniversary of the launch of BAPN and helped to raise awareness of the huge contribution made by those of you contributing to the good reputation of nannies in the field.


The week was also dedicated to raising money for the NSPCC - BAPN’s chosen charity and a few of our brave (or should that be mad?) members took up the ‘Skydive for Charity’ challenge.

For those who preferred to keep their feet on the ground, we also held charity cake bakes around the UK. And in Kent, we held a family fun day, with book stalls, face painting, a tombola and even an ABBA tribute band.

West London nannies celebrated Nanny Week with a mask-making session, transforming their children into Spring chicks and lambs at their regular nanny meet-up. And they also held a second-hand toy swap that was a great success.


We raised more than £1,000 for the NSPCC, which was fantastic, but as with all these things, we want to raise the bar in 2013!


So what have we got planned for this year:


BAPN will be promoting nannies with articles in varies publications centred around our core messages.


We will also be asking you all to share your experiences of being a nanny. You will be able to enter your answers and the best will feature on our website and have the chance to win some great prizes.

To prepare yourself, these are the types of things we’ll be looking for:

• why you love being a nanny
• funny or horror stories
• best presents received from boss
• best activities ever done with children (with photos)
• Best place visited with children and why
• Longest job been (can you beat Penny’s 11.5 years?)

You can of course send your entries in early to:

We will also be running a competition for your charges, so please keep an eye on our website for more details.


BAPN will also use nanny Week to officially launch its “Guide to employing a nanny, which will help families who are looking for a nanny and ensure they have all the information they need to employ a wonderful nanny.

We would love to see families recognise Nanny Week, maybe let their nanny leave early on Friday; a bunch of flowers, chocolates or just a thank you would be just as welcome.

Keep a look out for some special training offers also during Nanny Week.


 Nanny Week is all about YOU, so let us know how you’ll be celebrating. Email us at:

BAPN launches consultation into the voluntary OFSTED register for nannies

BAPN has launched a 2 week consultation period into the voluntary OFSTED childcare register, which enables nannies and other home based childcarers to register as approved childcare in order to be paid via childcare vouchers or tax credits. We are calling for childcarers, parents, agencies and members of the public to fill in and return the confidential consultation form before 5th November. The consultation deals with the ease of the registration process, the current requirements for registration and the management of the register. It also addresses the place of au pairs as a distinct form of home based childcare within a regulatory framework.

As part of the 'Regulation Matters' campaign, BAPN feels that any model for registration must be accessible, robust and respected. In this consultation we are seeking to discover indepedently whether the current system fits that description and what, if any, improvements should be made. We are working closely with relevant Government departments, notably the DfE, but would like to stress that this consultation is entirely independent of Government control and we cannot guarantee that any changes will be made.

Click here to download our questionaire.

Extended until Monday 12th November

Informal responses are also welcome, although they will not figure in the quantitative analysis. Any questions or press queries regarding the consultation should be addressed to BAPN's Policy and Review Officer (

All UK childcarers should be registered: new campaign group launched


 All childcarers in the UK should be registered, according to a new campaign group. 


Regulation Matters: working for the welfare of children, comprises ANA (The Association of Nanny Agencies), BAPN (British Association of Professional Nannies), Chiltern College, Morton Michel, Nannytax, Norland College, REC (The Recruitment & Employment Confederation) and Voice: the union for education professionals. 


Tricia Pritchard, Senior Professional Officer (Childcare) with Voice, who chairs the campaign, said: “We are calling for the registration of all childcarers in the UK, so that nannies and other home childcarers are brought under the same regulatory umbrella and are held to the registration standards currently required of childminders in order to safeguard children, improve childcare standards and create consistency in the childcare industry.”  


The Campaign is launched following the recent report by Elizabeth Truss MP – the Conservative Member of Parliament for South West Norfolk, and now Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Early Years in the Department for Education – which called for the childcare system in Britain to be dramatically overhauled to make it more affordable, and the Childcare Commission's call for evidence and ideas on how to make childcare more affordable for working families and reduce any unnecessary burdens. The Commission is looking at identifying any regulation that is not needed to ensure safety or quality. 


Tricia Pritchard said: “It is our understanding that the Coalition Government is looking to remove what it sees as ‘red tape’ and to effectively de-regulate provision where it can.

“We are extremely concerned that the driver for reform is cost cutting and not improved quality and safeguarding. The Government's main focus appears to be making savings on its investment of £7 billion a year on childcare support.  


“It is our view that childcare is a safeguarding issue and therefore de-regulation of any kind would be a backward step. We would go further. We believe that the current regulatory framework should be widened to include nannies and all home childcare provision, and that no child should be put at risk by a cost-cutting exercise.


“It is ludicrous that the Government should be looking at de-regulating the services provided to the most vulnerable in society – babies, toddlers and young children.


“It is, of course, reasonable that governments should review provision, regulation frameworks and of expenditure, and it is for this reason, knowing that the childcare and early years sectors are under review, that we seek this opportunity to highlight the fact that:

  • anyone can call her/himself a nanny;
  • s/he is not subject to any regulation or inspection (other than the Voluntary Childcare Register); and
  • there is still no mechanism in place to stop a nanny from working with children and young people if s/he is found to be unsuitable.”



Further information


Regulation Matters Campaign: Working for the welfare of children


Mission Statement


The Campaign calls for the registration of all childcarers in the UK, so that nannies and other home childcarers are brought under the same regulatory umbrella and held to the registration standards currently required of childminders in order to safeguard children, improve childcare standards, and create consistency in the childcare industry.


We seek to achieve recognition for the valuable service provided by all home childcarers by:


·         lobbying the Coalition Government to include nannies, maternity nurses, doulas, au-pairs etc with childminders in the requirements for registration and regulation, under the general umbrella of ‘home childcare’;

·         encouraging parents / employers to employ only those home childcarers who are professionally trained, insured, registered and inspected; and

·         making it socially unacceptable to place young children in the hands of unregistered childcarers

To progress our campaign for higher standards and uniform registration and regulation to include nannies, the National Campaign has the following key objectives:

  • safeguarding measures in place supported by legislation to remove from ALL childcare and early years sectors those found to be unsuitable;
  • safeguarding of ALL children, ensuring that every child is cared for safely and professionally by committed, well trained practitioners; and
  • aiming to have all "Home Childcarers" in the UK working to and measured by a recognised set of Core Professional Standards.  

Our goal is clear – to promote quality in early years care for the benefit of children and their families.


Brief background


In England, the law states that people who work with children have to keep them safe. This safeguarding legislation is set out in The Children Act (1989) and (2004)

From 10 September 2012, changes to disclosure and barring services have been introduced by the Coalition Government which will affect employers and other organisations working with vulnerable groups, including children.


These changes include amendments to the definitions of regulated activity with vulnerable groups including children. Controlled activity; planned – but not implemented – registration and continuous monitoring have all been abolished.


Other important changes include:


  • The ISA can only bar a person from working in regulated activity if it believes the person is, has been or might in the future, engage in regulated activity.


  • In December 2012 the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) will merge into the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). This new organisation will provide a joined up, seamless service to combine the criminal records and barring functions. Further legislative changes will come into force during 2013 and 2014.


No current legislation or proposed upcoming changes provide for the registration / regulation of nannies



In the current climate of de-regulation, we urge the Government to think again, to look at recognising that ALL children should be offered the same level of safeguarding and that ALL those working with children must be required to meet the same high standards, to include registration and a rigorous inspection regime.



BAPN Nanny Workshop.

Our next Nutrition for Nannies workshop is on the  10th November.  

Saturday 10th November
1030am- 1230pm
Castlewood,  77-91 New Oxford Street
London WC1A 1DG
Nutbrown review

Final report is out, read Nursery world article here:

Campaign is launched to raise childcare vouchers to £75 a week.

The Busy Bee campaign wants the Government to increase childcare voucher allowances to support working parents.

For  full story visit  :

BAPN Nanny Workshop



           Nutrition for Nannies & their Little Nippers!


                                                    A fun and informative workshop for Nannies

                                                                              Saturday 2nd June at 10.30am

                                                                At Café Pauline, Little Ealing Lane, London W5 4EJ


 This will be an informative and informal workshop, delivered by I Know Why It's Yum, Mum!'s Natasha Gavin, who has personal experience of educating children from ages 2-11 about the importance of healthy eating and coaxing them into eating their greens!



  This fun workshop lasts for 1.5 hours, and is aimed at nannies. We will focus on the following objectives:

• To give nannies a brief overview of the key nutrients children need in their diets, and those that tend to be deficient in children’s diets.

• To provide nannies with some easy nutritional facts about commonly consumed healthy foods to impress their children with.

• To present nannies with a list of ‘superfoods for kids’ which could be a starting point for any food-related activities (added value for their employers to be aware of).


                            As a special offer arranged with BAPN,

                              this workshop will cost ONLY £10


However, due to the limits of the venue, tickets are strictly limited on a first-come-first-served basis.

For more information, or to discuss booking email:


Childcare courses, level 3 confusion with some training providers.

Please see Nursery world article:

2011 Nannytax wages survey results

The 2011 survey is out and it looks like part-time nannies are reaping the rewards.

Read the full article here:

BAPN and the Department for Education, discuss the Ofsted voluntary register for Nannies.

BAPN was invited to meet with the Department of Education last month to discuss ways to improve the Ofsted voluntary register. BAPN met with the DFE earlier in the year and as a result of that meeting, were asked to attend another meeting about the VOR.

The Education Select Committee asked for a review of the register and the DFE has been meeting with the Childcare sector, to discuss ways to improve the current system.

BAPN welcome the review, as the VOR as it stands gives parents a false sense of security that the nannies on the register have been fully checked out.

More on this story will be in our newsletter.

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